10 Ideas for Self-Care in the Garden

“Those who find beauty in nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life”

Self-Care In The Garden

Self-care is essential to keeping your mind and body happy and healthy. Connecting with nature is one of the many ways you can take a breather and self-care break.

Here are 10 ideas for self-care in the garden to inspire you.

Go outside and spend 5 minutes soaking in the sunshine.

Take a morning stroll and enjoy the fresh morning air.

Spend some time creating or caring for your garden.

Find a garden. Take a pencil and pad. Sketch the garden space around you and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Stand in some grass on a lawn, take off your shoes, and let your bare feet connect with the earth.h while you reflect.

Grab some earphones, pick a playlist, and listen to music while taking a walk or spending time in a park.

Go on a nature hike somewhere new. There is always something different and unique to be observed and admired in nature.

Grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables. Creating your own food is surprisingly satisfying.

Sit in some shade under a tree and do something you enjoy – reading, listening to music, spending time with pets and family.

Can’t get to a garden? Visualise your ideal garden space and what it would be like to spend some time there.

Self-care in the garden is a natural and easy way to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature and take a break from modern life.

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