10 stylish indoor pots, planters and accessories from Kmart Australia

Kmart is the new go-to for well priced home decor. With new ranges being released regularly enough to keep things fresh, and styles that are right on trend, Kmart is killing it right now. Check out these ten stylish indoor pots and planters from Kmart.



2 Mali Pots for $7.99

These two Mali pots are 12cm by 12cm in size and look great as a pair.

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2 Mali Pots from Kmart – $7.99


Angled Glass Terrarium for $12.00

This angled Glass terrarium from Kmart goes for only $12.00 and is the perfect base to start that picture perfect terrarium enclosure.

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Angled Glass Terrarium from Kmart – $12.00


Hairpin Planter Stand for $3.00

Display your new pots in a simple and stylish hairpin planter stand, and at $3.00 why not get a few.

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Hairpin Planter Stand for $3.00 from Kmart


Oval Wooden Barrel Planter for $12.00

Get that classic wooden barrel look with those oval barrel planter at $12.00. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use to create a sm

all and compact garden piece.

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Oval Wooden Barrel Planter from Kmart for $12.00


3 Piece Metal Planter Bucket Tub Set for $12.00

Create your own indoor or outdoor herb or flower garden with this three piece metal planter bucket set for $12.00 from Kmart.

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3 PIece Metal Bucket Planter Set for $12.00 from Kmart


Oval Metal Planter for $7.00

Add to the collection of metal planters with this oval metal planter for $7.00. Perfect as a standalone herb garden, indoors or outdoors, as or part of the metal planter set.

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Oval Metal Planter from Kmart for $7.00


Hanging Beaded Pot for $5.00

Hang some plants with this hanging beaded pot for $5.00. Perfect by the window or outdoors in the garden.

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Hanging Beaded Pot for $5.00 from Kmart


Blush Mesh Pot Stand for $15.00

A premium look mesh post stand in blush colour for a fresh and vibrant display, $15.00 from Kmart.

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Blush Mesh Pot Display from Kmart for $15.00


Mini Pot with Acacia Stand for $15.00

Display your favourite plant in this mini pot with stylish wooden acacia stand for $15.00 from Kmart.

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Mini Pot with Acacia Stan for $15.00 from Kmart


Raised Timber Planter Box for $45.00

Perfect for starting an outdoor herb garden, this raised timber bed looks great in the garden and will section of those much loved herbs, flowers and veggies.

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Raised Timber Planter Box for $45.00 from Kmart


Still want more. Check out the pots and planters section at Kmart.


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