10 Water Savvy Plants For Your Indoor Garden

…That Are Really Hard To Kill

Are you a classic under waterer? Or over waterer?

Sometimes you just want a maintenance-free garden. Indoor water-savvy plants are great for indoor gardeners who don’t want to fuss about maintenance. These indoor water-savvy plants have been selected because of their hardiness and easy-to-maintain nature. The same rules, as usual, apply though, they are still plants, so don’t drown them, and try not to leave them without water for long periods of time.

Snake Plants / Mother in law Tongue

Snake Plants or Mother in Law Tongue are perfect for those less than attentive indoor gardeners. Snake Plants do incredibly well in all sorts of lighting conditions. Watering is a breeze, as they can handle over-watering and under-watering. Snake Plants will grow in dry conditions, and will even grow in a glass of water. They are smart-looking house plants that can bring some serious eye candy to any indoor space.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is drought resistant, hardy, stunningly beautiful, unique, but most importantly…so easy to care for. Aloe Vera works well indoors and outdoors, though Aloe Vera plants do need a decent amount of light. Give them a good water every few weeks and they will thrive. Aloe Vera plants come in a variety of colours and patterns and even change colour depending on the amount of light they are exposed to.

Jade Plant

Jade Plants are often known to be lucky and are sometimes called Lucky Plants or Money Trees. These easy to care for plants do well indoors and outdoors, though do best in good light. With a bit of sunshine, they will flower small pink or white flowers, making for an excellent window sill plant. Jade Plants are generally pretty low cost, easy to maintain, and do well in all sorts of conditions.


Philodendrons are another house plant staple, a common choice for the indoor gardener. There are lots of different varieties of philodendron. They do not need much maintenance and are usually pretty pest free. They do well in low light conditions and don’t stress too much when they miss a water or two. There are over 50 different varieties, so no shortage to choose from.

Spider Plant

Spider Plants, despite their creepy name, are actually a well-loved house plant that does well indoors and outdoors, though generally better in the shade. Spider Plants grow quickly and don’t require too much maintenance. They often grow offshoots which can be taken as cuttings and turned into new plants. Easy to care for and great by the window in a hanging planter.

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