10 Water Savvy Plants For Your Indoor Garden

…That Are Really Hard To Kill

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Cacti are interesting plants to watch grow. While it happens slowly, they are great indoor house plants if you can provide them with enough light. Cacti come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and in the right conditions will produce some amazing flower displays. Easy to care for and one of the lowest maintenance plants you can buy.

Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Trees are a great indoor and outdoor plant. Keep it small and trim by limiting the size of the pot and the amount of light the plant is exposed to, or let it grow wild in the ground and you will find yourself with a full-grown tree. Umbrella Trees are popular because of their low maintenance requirements and unique leafy display.


Succulents are just about unkillable. They do best in well-lit conditions and don’t require much water at all. Succulents are great window sill plants as they do enjoy more light than your usual plant, but over time succulents can grow and flower into some unbelievable colours. Succulents are also easy to propagate through cuttings, with some succulents growing new roots on dropped leaves to start a whole new plant.

Grape Ivy – Ellen Danica

Grape Ivy plants are fast-growing with masses of shiny green oak shaped leaves, twining upwards or cascading downwards. Grape Ivy do well indoors in bright light or outdoors in shady areas. Grape Ivy work well in hanging planter baskets as they cascade downwards, or have them spiralling upwards around a central point for a unique towering indoor plant.


Monstera is really a top-notch houseplant. You would be surprised how hardy these tropical plants can be. Monstera is a well-known indoor house plant because of its impressive display of leaves and low maintenance requirements.

Once you have your plants selected, don’t forget to choose a pot

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