5 simple ways to decorate a shelf

A shelf is a shelf, but what you put on it can make all the difference. Here are 5 simple ways to decorate a shelf with plants and curiosities. These are some of the best shelf fillers and if you place them right, they can change up a space for the better.

Keepsakes and memories

These make for the best arrangements, because they actually mean something. Arrange the little things you have collected or found on your travels and day to day.

Plants that drape down

Draping and hanging plants work great on any shelf. Make sure there is enough light, and don’t forget to water. Vines are a great option, such as an arrow head vine, which can even be grown in bottles of water if you don’t have the time to water regularly, or just enjoy the look.

Trays, small pots, jars and bottles

Small pots work great on a shelf, succulents in particular as they are hardy and can tolerate dry conditions if you forget to water. Jars work great for this too, and if you throw it all together on a tray, you all of a suffen have a feature piece.

Books and journals

Got a bunch of old books in a box somewhere? Why not put them on display and let people believe you might have actually read them at some point.

Paintings and art

Not just reserved for walls. Paintings and art can liven up any space, and go perfectly on top of an open shelf. It may be u conventional but it certainly works.

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