Elongated Self Watering Planter

10 Self-Watering Planters for Your Garden

Self-watering planters are great for indoor and outdoor gardeners who like to minimise maintenance while keeping things green. Have you ever forgot to water your pot plant? Easily done, so why not try out some of these 10 self-watering planters for your garden, suitable for indoor and outdoor gardens.

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10 Ideas for Self Care in the Garden

Self care is essential to keeping your mind and body happy and healthy. Connecting with nature is one of the many ways you can take a breather and self care break. Here are 10 ideas for self care in the garden to inspire you.

Tips to Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

Indoor gardens bring so much to a space, but they do require care and maintenance to keep indoor plants healthy. Indoor plants can often be more difficult to look after, purely because most of us are used to watering and caring for outdoor plants, or aren’t sure what our plants actually need.

Grow Your Own Avocado Tree From Seed

Avocados are a delicious fruit which grow on the avocado tree, but avocados are expensive, so why not grow your own? Okay, so this might take a while, but it will be worth it in the end. The avocado tree can be propagated from a single seed from an avocado fruit, even one from the store.

20 Indoor Garden Inspired Gift Ideas for Your Office Buddies and Co-Workers

Get your office buddies a garden-inspired gift for their desk:  Sometimes it’s nice to show some appreciation to your office buddies and co-workers with a gift, but it can be hard to know what’s appropriate. You can’t go wrong with a simple indoor garden-inspired gift idea for your office buddies and co-workers. Indoor pots and … […]

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Where to Find Indoor Plant Pots and Stands in Australia

Indoor pot plants are a great way to freshen up any garden or indoor garden space, but sometimes it can be hard to find just the right looking indoor pot plant or indoor pot plant stand that you are looking for. We love indoor pots, and we have found the best luck for finding quality … […]

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9 Hanging Planters to Plant Style Your Indoor Garden Space

Plant styling can transform any indoor space into an indoor garden oasis. Hanging planters are the perfect way to add layers, height, and interesting designs to your indoor garden space. Hanging pots and planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can pick and choose your favourite hanging pots and planters to … […]

8 Tech and Gadget Items for the Garden

Add some tech to your garden, indoor or outdoor, with these interesting and useful tech and gadget items for the garden, from LED planters for flourishing indoor plants to a floating bonsai planter!

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7 Unique Terrariums For Your Apartment

Check out these interesting terrariums for any urban apartment or home. A terrarium can add a touch of nature to any space, keeping it contained, balanced and a delight to the eye.