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What’s New

  • DR GOODROW Indoor Growing System

    Grow your very own herbs, vegetables, and small plants with the Dr Goodrow Hydroponic Indoor Growing System. A neat and tidy indoor hydroponic growing system that looks great on any kitchen bench or windowsill. You can grow your own indoor herb garden without having to worry about constant watering. This simple hydroponic growing kit makes it easy to grow herbs and vegetables and includes LED lighting with automatic timing for absolute ease. Great for seedlings, small plants, herbs, vegetables and even succulents.

  • XAOHAO Mason Bee House

    A handmade bee house and bee hotel, ideal for placement outdoors in your garden to attract insects and bees. This eco-friendly and sustainable Mason Bee House has enhanced rain protection for a long-lasting bee hotel that will look great in any garden. Create the perfect natural environment for your garden by attracting bees and pollinators to enhance growth. The XAOHAO Mason Bee House is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to improve your garden, all the while looking great no matter where the Mason Bee House is placed.

  • DIY Paper Pot Maker

    Make your very own sustainable paper pots for seedlings with this unique and adorable DIY Paper Pot Maker. By using paper to create pots for seedlings, you can plant them, pot and all, directly into the ground. Over time, the paper pots you create and plant will deteriorate naturally in the soil while your new seedling grows to full size. This DIY Paper Pot Maker is the perfect indoor garden gift and a great way to create your own supply of unlimited biodegradable seedling pots and planters. This nifty Paper Pot Making kit includes plant labels so you can keep track of your newly planted seedlings.

  • AvoSeedo Avocado Growing Kit

    Grow your very own avocados with the AvoSeedo Avocado Growing Kit. Did you know you can grow an entire avocado tree just by saving the seed of those avocados you buy from the local grocery store. The AvoSeedo Growing Kit is just the right thing if you are looking to grow your own avocado from seed in the easiest way possible. It also makes for a great indoor garden gift. Growing an avocado tree is a long-term project, taking years to produce ripened avocados. in the meantime, avocado seedlings develop into great indoor plants until they grow to a size where they can be planted outside.

  • Philodendron Tortum

    An amazing and rare indoor house plant, the Philodendron Tortum features unique leaves which open in a corkscrew fashion. Looking completely different from most Philodendron plants, the Philodendron Tortum is a highly desired indoor house plant. Thin, elongated, and branching leaves make the Philodendron Tortum stand out from the crowd and is an indoor plant collector must-have.

  • Alocasia Dragon Scale

    Alocasia Dragon Scale plants feature an impressive veined texture and super tough leaves with a hardened topside. The look of the plant is often thought to resemble dragon scales. As Dragon Scale plants mature, their leaves deepen in colour. Dragon Scale plants do well in indirect bright light and are well suited as an indoor house plant. Dragon Scale plants also thrive in well-draining potting soil.