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DIY Card Making With Dried and Pressed Leaves

DIY card making is a fun, easy and simple way to release some creativity, all the while creating a unique and handmade gift. It’s the thought that counts after all. Check out our DIY pressed leaf cards for some crafting inspiration.

Sometimes while in the garden, we take a few leaves off our plants so we can store them away to create dried and pressed leaves. These pressed leaves make for fantastic decorations. Throw them in a glass frame to create a simple and effective piece of art, or hold on to them for those DIY craft projects to add a touch of nature to your creations.

Over the weekend, after remembering we had some pressed leaves stored away in a book on the shelf, we thought, let’s make some cards! With Mother’s day coming up, we thought this would be a simple way to create a unique addition to go along with a gift.

It was a simple process. Firstly, a while back we picked the leaves and stored them between sheets of baking paper, flattened inside an A4 sized book, with a few books stacked on top for extra weight. A few weeks later, they were ready to be used for our pressed leaf crafting project.

We needed a few extra things:

    • Some black, thick card paper
    • Some double sided tape
    • Some thinner paper of a white shade for the inside (to write on). Not necessary if you are using a lighter coloured card.

After playing around with some simple designs, we put together three simple DIY pressed leaf cards by carefully applying double sided tape to each leaf, then placing down on the card with enough pressure to make each leaf stick but being mindful of how delicate each leaf is. It is very easy to break a dried and pressed leaf.

Check out the end result below and follow us on Instagram @greeneryandcuriosites for more inspiration.

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