Getting started with succulents

Getting started with succulents: Everything you need to start your own succulent garden

Succulents are amazing plants. They vary in colour, shape and size – but most have one thing in common, they make for excellent house plants. If you love succulents and want to start up your own succulent garden, check out this simple guide to getting started with succulents, where we outline everything you need to start your own succulent garden. For some this might be common knowledge, but for those of you who are yet to go down the succulent wormhole, keep reading.


What you will need

Getting started with succulents – Propagate, source/buy or from seed

  • Propagating – Most people find themselves with a succulent plant or two and want to start propagating. We will cover this soon.
  • Buy them – You may also have a variety of succulents you want to plant. Succulents can be found at most garden centres and nurseries, but we recommend trying your local market to see if you can grab a bargain. Some of the best succulent plants we have were purchased for a few dollars. Online is a great place to start as well, depending on where you are. Amazon has a huge range of succulents with lots of different varieties.
  • Start them from seed – thats the hardest way and is a whole other story. I recommend the first two options to begin with.Succulents! – There are a few ways to start with succulents.

Something to plant the succulents in – This one is easy and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Old containers, bowls, cups, glass jars, big fancy pots, whatever you can find really. Succulents do well when there is good drainage, so whatever you choose, either make sure there are drainage holes, or be sure to line the bottom with pebbles or stones any excess water doesn’t sit in the soil but drains to the stones.

Well draining soil – Succulents often grow pretty much anywhere, but if you really want them to thrive, use a well draining, succulent specific potting mix.

Somewhere to put them – choose a space with decent sunlight, this will help your succulents grow, and don’t water too often. Every three days is usually adequate.


Read on for a simple 3 step process to succulent success…



Step One: Preparing succulents and propagating succulents

  • Before planting a succulent, shake of the roots gently to remove excess soil.
  • To propagate succulents, you can use cuttings and removed leaves. This works with most succulents but its often trial and error.
    • Remove leave/cutting – a clean slice or a twist if doing by hand
    • Place in a dry spot and leave to dry for 1 to 3 days
    • Place on top of soil, mist every so often
    • Do not mist until the cutting is dry
    • Soon enough, if you are successful roots will begin to form

Step two: Container preparation and planting

  • Fill your succulent container with soil, leaving enough room for the number of succulents you are planting
  • Create crevasses in the soil for each succulent – don’t be scared to place them close as it makes for great effect
  • Place succulent into the container, and cover the roots with soil
  • If the succulent has a good set of roots, mist the soil right after planting

Step three: Care and maintenance

  • Overwatering and underwatering are the biggest problems when it comes to succulent care and maintenance
    • Overwatering is easy to do. Succulents don’t need much water at all, and most do well with a light water every three or so days
    • Underwatering is pretty hard to do with succulents, they can go months without water and generally bounce right back after a good watering
  • Sun and frost – like all plants, succulents have their limits. Be sure to keep your succulents out of extreme heats and colds, particularly if you have a mixed batch. Not all succulents do as well in the sun as others.
  • Indoor vs outdoor – Both! Succulents thrive in the warm sun but also do well when kept indoors – just be sure to adapt your watering to suit the indoor climate, and let them have light when you can

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