Grow succulents outdoors, indoors, from cuttings, and in water

Succulents are generally hardy, easy to take care off, can deal with a little neglect and can be grown in a variety of ways. You can grow succulents in water, grow succulents outdoors, grow succulents from cuttings, or grow succulents indoors as well. Each different way of growing and caring for succulents requires different considerations to make sure that succulent garden flourishes.

Grow succulents outdoors

Growing succulents outdoors is by far the easiest to do, particularly if you live in dryer climates like Australia. Succulents grow well in sandy soils with lots of drainage. If you plan on growing succulents outdoors, make sure they get lots of sun, but be sure to check the unqiue succulent plant you have. Some succulents absolutely thrive from the full sun and even flower, while others will still grow but may not look the way you want them too, change colour, or dry out. Not sure what succulent you have? There’s an app for that (Plantifier on iOS and Android)

Grow succulents from cuttings

Growing succulents from cuttings is usually quite a simple process. A lot of succulents will grow by simply twisting off a leaf or cutting off a small branch. Leave the cutting out to dry for a few days. If a leaf, place on top of soil and wait for roots to grow. Then mist occasionally and your succlent leaf cutting will soon become its own plant. If you took a branch cutting, we have had success growing from branch cuttings by simply alowing to dry out a little then replanting, but not watering for atleast a week to avoid rotting. Another easy method is to grow succulents in water.

Grow succulents in water

Not many people realise that so many plants can be grown in just water, and succulents can be grown in water too. Simply take a cutting from an established plant, making sure the succulent cutting is large enough that it will still grow, although some succulents will allow you to do this just from a single leaf. Mount the succulent cutting over a bowl or jar of water, just over the water so that it isn’t touching but is very close. Put it in a nicely lit area and wait. Over time, the succulent cutting will grow new roots, and those roots will grow down into the water, allowing the succulent to grow. The trick with succulents growing in water is to make sure the water is replaced regularly, and to keep the succulent in a well lit, but not too warm position. If it gets too hot, or too cold, the water will too.

Grow succulents indoors

Succulents can easily be grown indoors, but make sure you keep them in well draining soil and allow them to get plenty of light if you can. By a window is a prime position. When it comes to watering, not often. But when you water, be sure to water well and make sure the water drains correctly to avoid any rotting.

Large indoor succulent pot – we turn it regularly to get the sun


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