Grow Your Own Herbs in Recycled Jars and Bottles

Grow Your Own Herbs in Recycled Jars and Bottles

If you like to recycle, and you want a no-fuss indoor herb garden, this might be your thing. You can grow your own herbs in recycled jars and bottles, as well as lots of different plant varieties.


Basil and mint are a favourite for these setups, just be sure to top your jars and bottles up with water. Over time, your plants will begin to grow water roots. Growth rates are slower, but maintenance is minimal.

You can also regrow herbs, lettuce and celery stalks bought from the store. Just cut off the fresh leaves and leave the stalk with roots attached.

Place your cutting over a bowl of shallow water with the roots sitting in the water. Change the water every so often, and watch your salad or lettuce regrow over time. A slow process, but a great way to make the most of what nature has to offer.

Herbs and lettuces do particularly well on a sunny window sill in a water-filled jar or bottle.

Grow succulents in jars and bottles of water

Succulents in Recycled Jars and Bottles

Amazingly, you can even grow succulents using jars and bottles of water.

Try not to let the stem or any main part of the plant touch the water, it may rot.  Place it hovering on top and over time, roots will drop down into the water.

Grow Your Own Herbs in Recycled Jars and Bottles

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