$6 K-Mart gardening hack and the woman who owns 1000 plants

Some interesting news in the world of greenery and curiosities. Check out this neat gardening hack from Kmart using mesh bins (who would have thought?). In other news a young woman has fallen in love with plants and now owns over 1000 of them, find out what inspired her to bring to dive so deep into gardening.

If you’ve got a small plant or seedling that you’re trying to nurture and grow, this $6 solution might be what you need.

Kmart Australia shopper reveals ‘genius’ gardening hack using $6 Mesh Bin

When it comes to gardening, there’s nothing more defeating than having animals and insects undo all your labour – especially when harvests and crops are often months in the making.

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Indoor plant survival tips from a woman who owns 1,000 plants

“You’ve got nothing to lose. Just get out there and start growing!” says Jorja Thomson, who first fell in love with growing plants when she was 13. (Matthew Garrow and Luke Tribe) Meet Jorja Thomson. She’s 25, shares a house with 11 people in Melbourne, and owns 1,000 plants. Where does your love of plants come from? I think every child has an obsession with plants. We had a veggie patch at high school so me and a friend ended up growing all these seeds at school. I was 13, and the first thing I ever grew was corn. […]


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