8 Tech and Gadget Items for the Garden

Add some tech to your garden, indoor or outdoor, with these interesting and useful tech and gadget items for the garden, from LED planters for flourishing indoor plants to a floating bonsai planter!

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50 Urban Greenery Apartment Home Deco Gift Ideas

Greenery and the right home deco in the apartment or home can revitalize a space, bring the outdoors in, and freshen up those bare and empty corners. Check out these 50 urban greenery apartment home deco gift ideas, from pots and planters to lamps, terrariums, art and more.

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7 Unique Terrariums For Your Apartment

Check out these interesting terrariums for any urban apartment or home. A terrarium can add a touch of nature to any space, keeping it contained, balanced and a delight to the eye.

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14 Unique and Curious Planter Pots For A Stylish Indoor Garden

Indoor gardens can transform any space, bringning the outdoors in, cleansing the air, clearing the mind, all while adding a touch of style. When planning an indoor garden, plants are definitely the first thing to consider. But what about the planter pots? Style your indoor garden with these unique and curious planter pots for a … […]

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12 Interesting Terrarium Table Designs and Ideas

Terrariums can really add a touch of nature and lighten the atmosphere of any indoor or outdoor space, so why not take advantage of that quality and throw it on top of a coffee table! It might seem a bit much, but when you see these #terrarium table designs, you might just want one for … […]

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Where to Order Plants Online in Australia

Did you know you can order live plants online? Its the simplest and easiest way to get the exact plants you want for your indoor or outdoor garden. There are a variety of great stores to order plants online in Australia. You might think, how does that work? Its actually just as easy as buying … […]

Fresh Flowers Are Out Dried

Fresh flowers are out, dried flowers are in

Fresh flowers are out, dried flowers are in. Don’t throw away your old bunches of flowers, particularly native flowers. You can dry them out and rearrange them in the vase. Mix it up by drying out leaves and branches, and arrange them with dried flowers

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How To Plant And Care For Succulents

Succulents are generally pretty easy to grow and maintain, but sometimes it takes a bit of know how from the experts to get things really going. Succlents are hardy but in order to reach their full potential, need a few things. Succulents need to be planted in well-drained soil. They only take the water they … […]

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5 simple ways to decorate a shelf

A shelf is a shelf, but what you put on it can make all the difference. Here are 5 simple ways to decorate a shelf with plants and curiosities. These are some of the best shelf fillers and if you place them right, they can change up a space for the better. Keepsakes and memories … […]

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PictureThis plant identification app

PictureThis is a new plant identification app for iOS and Android. Take a photo to instantly scan your plant and accurately identify from a huge online database of thousands of plants, flowers and trees. Not sure what herb that is? Scan it with PictureThis. Get the plant identification app, PictureThis.

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10 stylish indoor pots, planters and accessories from Kmart Australia

Kmart is the new go-to for well priced home decor. With new ranges being released regularly enough to keep things fresh, and styles that are right on trend, Kmart is killing it right now. Check out these ten stylish indoor pots and planters from Kmart.     2 Mali Pots for $7.99 These two Mali … […]