Where to Find Indoor Plant Pots and Stands in Australia

Indoor pot plants are a great way to freshen up any garden or indoor garden space, but sometimes it can be hard to find just the right looking indoor pot plant or indoor pot plant stand that you are looking for. We love indoor pots, and we have found the best luck for finding quality indoor pots, planters and stands at the following places.

Bunnings and Local Garden and Hardware Stores

You can't go wrong with Bunnings, let's be honest. They have a great range of pots and planters, but sometimes they can be pretty expensive for what you are getting. Bunnings is great for a quick and easy trip to buy some cheap terracotta pots and trays, and occasionally your local Bunnings might have a sale on some of their pot collections.

Op-shops, Tips and Road Side Collections

Some might drop their jaw in disgust at the thought of visiting an op-shop or a tip, and absolutely cringe at the idea of going through somebody else's roadside collection. But little do they know, these are some of the best places to find pots, plants, and stands that have been discarded. Through all the rubbish and useless junk, you might just find a gem.

Online Stores

eBay and Amazon

Standard, yes, but they are great places to look if you can't find that particular style of a pot plant or you need something a little different. Ebay and Amazon offer heaps of unique and interesting pots and planters, but also offer a variety of cheap pots and planters, seed propagation kits and more. Don't rule out Amazon, they now ship to Australia.

Etsy Online Marketplace

Etsy is absolutely full of amazing and unique handmade creations, with a heap of handmade, vintage and interesting pots and planters. Many of these have been meticulously handcrafted or customised. Vintage pots and planters are also an option, as well as your standard cheap pots and planters and other indoor garden accessories. Check out the Etsy Pots and Planters section.

Online stores are a great option when looking for pots and planters in Australia. Online stores usually offer a lot more variety than your local stores are able too. But in saying that, it is important to support small and local businesses. There are some great online stores that have been created in Australia, selling indoor plants, pot plants, planters, stands and more. You can order all sorts of different plants online, as well as seeds, accessories, fertilisers, and other garden-related products.

Read more in our post about some great online retailers where you can buy plants and pot planters online in Australia.

And don't forget to check out our hand-picked selection of pots, planters and stands from around the web.

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